Washington Life Magazine, D.C.’s Premier Lifestyle Monthly, Names “We Hold These Truths” Among Its “SUMMER SELECTS”

In its annual Summer 2017 issue released this week, Washington Life Magazine, the foremost authority on power, philanthropy and society in the nation’s capital, recognized author David S. Mitchell’s debut political novel We Hold These Truths in its short list of “Summer Selects.”

“I am thrilled, and deeply humbled, to be mentioned alongside the likes of Marita Golden, Seema Reza, and Clint Smith—these are truly great talents,” David said today. “Recognition is always nice, but when it comes from such a respected magazine—and in my hometown, no less—it’s really special. Thank you Washington Life Magazine, and thanks to all the folks on my team who’ve believed in this book since its conception, and in the change we can effect in American sociopolitical institutions with concerted, strategic, unrelenting engagement.”

For all those eagerly awaiting David’s follow-up to We Hold These Truths, the wait continues, but not for long . . . he’s well into the next novel. Stay tuned!



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