We Hold These Truths: Released November 4, 2016!

If you knew Al Carpenter back in the fall of 2008, perhaps while sipping the notes of a smooth cognac and a classic hip-hop track or jazz cut, he might have opined about his growing concern that the election of Barack Obama might raise more questions about American society than it would answer. In my first novel, We Hold These Truths, Al Carpenter—the dashing, erudite and incorrigible young African-American law student-turned campaign aide—struggles to square the historic opportunities presented by the hopeful outcome of the 2008 election with the prospect that multitudes of liberals, many of them among the legions of Obamaphiles, didn’t really desire the CHANGE for which they’d clamored so vigorously. Join Al and his code-switching, witty, ambitious and riotous inner circle as they search for answers to politics, life, and love in the rigorous classrooms of North Carolina and Harvard Law School in the days leading up to and rippling forth from America’s most recent—and perhaps most significant—demonstration project: the election of #44. Learn more and get your e-book or paperback copy today at Amazon.com. You can also find We Hold These Truths at your local bookstore—check out indiebound.org right now to find a copy in a bookstore near you!

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