Author David S. Mitchell to Appear in Boston, MA to Discuss Debut Novel “We Hold These Truths”—and the Path Forward for Progressives

The #WHTTBookTour is officially in full swing: The District of Columbia, North Carolina, Philadelphia, Chicago, and now…

On April 1, 2017, author David S. Mitchell will return to the Boston area (David spent three years studying at Harvard Law School in nearby Cambridge) to discuss his debut political novel set in the Barack Obama era—and the path forward for progressive politics and policies in America. Click here for more details and to RSVP!

About We Hold These Truths:

In his timely debut work of contemporary historical fiction, Mitchell explores the complex landscape of race and politics in the aftermath of Barack Obama’s landmark 2008 election—and the squandered opportunity to transform the Obama Coalition into a sustainable, progressive Democratic Party coalition.

In what publishing industry insider Kirkus Reviews calls “An intelligent and bracingly honest look at the possibility of a post-racial America,” Mitchell grants the reader unprecedented access to the provocative world of code-switching African-American Ivy Leaguers and the dark underbelly of Southern race politics as seen through the eyes of Al Carpenter.

With its colorful, gut-wrenching, and incisive tale of how Democrats failed to harvest change from hope, We Hold These Truths leaves the reader struggling with hard questions—political, social, and personal—that go to the core of America’s founding values and test our nation’s professed commitment to them.

Praise for We Hold These Truths:

Harvard Law School Professor Bruce H. Mann calls Mitchell’s debut novel “smart,” “pitch perfect,” and “essential reading for anyone who wants to understand how political campaigns can give wings to hope or crush it, and sometimes both.” Duke University Professor Timothy B. Tyson, author of the critically acclaimed books The Blood of Emmett Till and Blood Done Sign My Name, says of Mitchell’s “brilliant” work, “There are some great political novels that have been written in this country, but not many…cut to the heart of a moment, and maybe a nation…I think this is one of those novels.”


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