Author David S. Mitchell Appears on Talk Show, “The State of Things.”

On Thursday, January 26, 2017, author David S. Mitchell joined friend and former North Carolina US Senate candidate Ken Lewis on WUNC radio’s “The State of Things” for a spirited—and candid—discussion on race and politics. During the nearly 20-minute segment, David, Ken and host Frank Stasio discuss David’s new novel, We Hold These Truths, how this novel exposes the unsavory consequences of the Democratic Party’s continued use of an outmoded political operating system, and how that system is driven by what Ken Lewis calls “The Grand Strategy.” The panel argues that in light of the Democratic Party’s massive losses during the 2010 Election Cycle, and Trump’s election in 2016, the Democratic Party must reconfigure its electoral strategy and messaging if it wants to transform the Obama Coalition into a sustainable Democratic Party coalition reflecting the New American Majority of progressive whites and non-whites. What do you think? Click here to listen and join the conversation. Comments are welcome!


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